Let's put 2020 behind us and look forward to some potentially amazing games

Our most anticipated games of 2021

The original detective RPG was dense enough to be worth replaying, so this extended edition with full voice-acting, new quests, characters, and even clothes will be a perfect excuse to do just that. 

Disco Elysium: The Final Cut

The legendary horror series returns, mixing Resi 7's gripping first-person perspective with the sort of classically gothic village and castle combo last seen in RE4. The werewolves are the nerve-shredding (extra hairy) cherry on top. 

Resident Evil Village

With two Dishonored games under its belt and the quietly terrifying Prey, Arkane can do no wrong. Deathloop looks like another gem, dropping Corvo-like combat into sandbox levels where you have 24 virtual hours to kill eight targets. 


Modern Hitman is stealth at its best. Thanks to his "social stealth" and endless disguises, Agent 47 can slot into every playstyle under the sun. IO is wrapping up the trilogy with a new bundle of maps set in eclectic, exotic locations. We can't wait. 

Hitman 3

This intriguing indie has a killer Groundhog Day-style setup. An attacker invades your home on a loop and you only have minutes to work out to survive. If the execution lives up to the premise, this could be something special. 

12 Minutes

A promising remaster of the Japanese version of the first Nier. The original boasted great characters and sharp writing, and if this redux can tighten the combat, JRPG fans are in for a treat. 

Nier Replicant

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