Ranking Shepard's closest chums and greatest allies. 

The best Mass Effect trilogy companions

One of the few characters with a story arc that spans the entire trilogy. While the question of what lies beneath that visor adds to Tali's mystique, it's her deeply personal conflict with the Geth and her desire for a true home that make her such a intriguing companion. 

6. Tali-Zorah nar Rayya

A coldblooded killer with a conscience... who happens to be a hot insect dude. Doomed with a disease that's slowly killing him, Thane's internal conflict make him a constantly compelling sidekick. Oh, and that voice? Damn. 

5. Thane Krios

We love the slightly messed up Liara. Her mommy issues, lack of romantic experience, and inability to lie are offset by the sense of wonder and hope she brings to proceedings. After Shepard's "death" in ME2, she really hardens. 

4. Liara T'Soni

A tough-as-nails, battle-hardened veteran who's also a deep thinker. Unlike most Krogans (including his pop), he disagreed about his species going to war after the genophage. Wrex is also brilliantly bulky, with a booming voice we adore. 

3. Urdnot Wrex

A wonderful companion who shows you don't need stubble, a gravelly voice and a thousand yard stare to be an anti-hero. His upbeat demeanour hides a cold, calculating mind that has spent years dealing with the most difficult decisions in the solar system. 

2. Mordin Solus

Garrus has an advantage when it comes to a Mass Effect popularity contest: he's awesome. Shepard's best pal, his objectives and attitudes align with your own. Garrus' Arkangel story in Mass Effect 2 showed he wasn't cut out to be Batman, but he makes one hell of a Robin. 

1. Garrus Vakarian

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