Viking purgatory is a harsh survival sandbox. Here are some tips to get started.

6 must-know Valheim tips to help you survive 

Wood is an incredibly important rescource in Valheim, so make sure you bash old buildings to build up your supplies of timber. 

1. Destroy old buildings to harvest wood quickly

Valheim goes pretty easy on you when it comes to fixing gear. Though repairing items is free, you can't actually select a specific item to repair. Instead, clicking the repair hammer cycles through objects and repairs them one by one. 

2. There's no repair cost, so keep your gear pristine

This tip sounds simple, but it's not immediately apparent how to sail a raft. Aside from the sailing tips we talk you through, there's also a small ladder on the boat's rear, which makes it easy to climb back on should you fall into the water. 

3. Sail your raft with WASD

Having a boar as a best pal is great, so follow these hog-feeding tips and you'll soon have a local source of leather scraps. 

4. Tame a boar with mushrooms

You can't just live an idyllic life and progress through the crafting levels without taking on Valheim's boss monsters from time to time. Tame this mighty stag to unlock the pickaxe. 

5. Defeat Eikthyr to craft a pickaxe

Hunting down the trader can be troublesome, so watch your back to avoid beastie attacks, and keep your eyes peeled for his icon on the minimap. 

6. Find the trader for a fishing rod

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