Acquire ultimate power as we help you shove, throw, and loot your way through the sprawling adventure

7 essential Baldur's Gate 3 tips

With the game still in Early Access, not all character options are open yet. As such, we wouldn't put too much time into your first couple of heroes. Instead, just skip forward to the fun. 

1. Don't stress about your starting character

Baldur's Gate 3 is hard. You're going to die a lot. Make sure to save regularly to avoid losing progress if your team gets wiped. The autosave system won't always be as up to date as you might like. 

2. Save all the time

The key is to ensure your companions cover your hero's weaknesses. Playing a ranged character? Have a couple of companions who can rush in to take aggro. Oh, and always have a healer.

3. Choose your companions wisely

Play Baldur's Gate 3 like a curious toddler. Pick up everything—just don't put them all in your mouth. The more items you loot, the more pilfered goods you have to sell. Always. Be. Looting. 

4. Loot everything

Every character has access to movement, an action, and a bonus action. Make sure you know which resources you're spending whenever you cast a skill or initiate an action. Rest often to store these points up between battles. 

5. Keep an eye on your resources in battle

The latest version of the Divinity engine has true verticality. You can be above and below enemies, meaning you can either push objects onto them, or shove them off ledges. 

6. Exploit the map's verticality

Larian Studios is perfectly happy for you to play in pretty much any manner you see fit. The new Throw and Shove skills tap into this freeform spirit, letting you mess around as you cause chaos by chucking objects and enemies. 

7. Experiment, experiment, experiment

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