The rundown on the shooter's release date, specialists, maps, and modes. 

Battlefield 2042: Everything we know so far

Battlefield 2042 launches October 22. On PC, DICE's shooter is releasing on Origin, Steam, and the Epic Games Store. 

1. What's the release date?

The increased player count means bigger maps that are divided into sectors. Within each sector, there's essentially a mini-Battlefield match playing out. 

2. The max player count has been doubled to 128

There's no solo campaign in Battlefield 2042, while DICE has also confirmed there won't be a battle royale mode. It's a bold/risky strategy from the studio. 

3. Singleplayer is out

There are three main modes: All-Out Warfare, Hazard Zone, and Portal. The first covers the classic point capture of Conquest and the more linear battles of Breakthrough. Hazard Zone is a "high-risk" squad-focused mode. As for Portal...

4. Battlefield 2042 modes

The third new mode lets players run custom matches where you can design unique game types using maps, weapons, and vehicles from not just Battlefield 2042, but also from Battlefield 1942, Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 3. 

5. What is Battlefield Portal?

These new character types have unique backstories and gadgets but can carry any weapon and equipment loadout. Said gadgets include a grappling hook, a health/revive gun, an auto-turret, a movement sensor, and a wingsuit. 

6. Classes have been replaced by specialists 

So far, DICE has revealed four specialists. Drone expert Wikus "Casper" Van Daele; Grappling hook guru Webster Mackay; combat surgeon Maria Falck; and sentry gun engineer Pyotr "Boris" Guskovsky.

7. What specialists have been announced?

Thanks to the 2042 setting, drones and robot dogs feature. Advanced hovercraft and tanks patrol the waters/land, while jets and helicopters control the often tornado-hit skies. 

8. What are the vehicles and setting like?

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