The best shooters for the competitive types that care about the sharpest mouse DPI. 

The best competitive FPS games to play on PC in 2022


Squad remains the best modern PvP military sim out there, expanding on Project Reality's roots with Battlefield-like rules layered over a complex logistical metagame.

Release: 2020 | Dev: Offworld Industries


Valorant cranks up the heat of corner-clearing tactics with flashy hero abilities inspired by Riot's MOBA roots. The variety and style have been enough for many to make the jump from CS:GO.

Release: 2020 | Dev: Riot Games

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

An all-time FPS classic that has stayed relevant for almost a decade thanks to non-stop updated shaders, animations, and player models.

Release: 2012 | Dev: Valve

Overwatch 2

It probably doesn't deserve that '2' slapped on it, but the new 5v5 format and key hero reworks have transformed the flow of combat. There's a shift away from drawn-out barrier brawls with a new focus on mano-a-mano shootouts.

Release: 2022 | Dev: Blizzard

Rainbox Six Siege

A worthy successor to Counter-Strike that’s less about milliseconds and motor skills and more about patience, scouting, and blowing big holes in anything in your way. 

Release: 2015 | Dev: Ubisoft Montreal

Hunt: Showdown

Our favorite of the burgeoning extraction shooter genre, Hunt ditches battle royale circles in favor of a PvPvE format that pits hunters against zombies, aquatic tentacle monsters, and each other.

Release: 2019 | Dev: Crytek

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