The best cyberpunk games on PC.

Cyberpunk games that are better than Cyberpunk 2077

Blade Runner

Though Blade Runner riffs heavily on the movie it's based on, that's kind of the appeal. What makes it worthwhile is the chance to explore a gorgeous recreation of Ridley Scott's work.

Release date:‌ 1997
Developer: Westwood Studios
Platforms:‌ GOG

System Shock 2

A horror/FPS/RPG hybrid set aboard a stricken starship that would go on to inspire the much more well-known yet not quite as clever BioShock series.

Release date:‌ 1999
Developer: Looking Glass Studios
Platforms:‌ Steam, GOG

Deus Ex

One of the first immersive sims, Deus Ex can be clunky not because of its age, but because it was made when the genre was still being formed.

Release date:‌ 2000
Developer: Ion Storm
Platforms:‌ Steam, GOG

Shadowrun: Dragonfall

Like the other Shadowrun games, which are based on a tabletop RPG first released in 1989, Dragonfall is an unlikely blend of cyberpunk and high fantasy that works surprisingly well.

Release date:‌ 2014
Developer: Harebrained Schemes
Platforms:‌ Steam, GOG, Epic

Neo Cab

Though there's a larger missing person plot, Neo Cab is really an anthology of character-led short stories about weirdos.

Release date:‌ 2019
Developer: Chance Agency
Platforms:‌ Steam

Invisible, Inc.

Live out the heist fantasy of pulling together a team of experts with all the right gadgets and having a plan that comes together—or falls apart then gets rewritten on the fly.

Release date:‌ 2015
Developer: Klei Entertainment
Platforms:‌ Steam

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

A superb sequel with a conspiracy-laden plot, powerful augmentations, and that rarest of things—a hacking minigame that wasn't terrible. 

Release date:‌ 2011
Developer: Eidos Montreal
Platforms:‌ Steam, GOG

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