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The best detective games on PC

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A detective RPG of improbable depth. The beauty of Disco Elysium, aside from its gorgeous art and superb writing, is sculpting the lead character into any kind of detective you like—including a bad one.

Disco Elysium - The Final Cut

You don't need to be Sherlock Holmes when you have a magic pocket watch that lets you revisit the moment of a person's death. Obra Dinn is hugely satisfying because there's zero hand-holding. 

Return of the Obra Dinn

While the investigation phase in most detect-'em-ups is normally scripted, Paradise Killer is truly open-ended. Exploring the game's vividly weird setting at your own pace is a joy. 

Paradise Killer

A bold narrative experiment where no two playthroughs are exactly alike. Take a non-linear path through its twisting mystery as you search a fragmented archive of video clips. 

Her Story

Inspired by Hitchcock's Rear Window, this neo-noir adventure takes place entirely in an apartment overlooking a plaza in 1970s Spain. It's simple and light on interaction, but the story is fantastic. 

The Flower Collectors

Think Glengarry Glen Ross meets Casablanca, but with creator Tim Schafer's trademark humor. It's not a traditional detective game, but it's so steeped in film noir imagery, it feels like one. 

Grim Fandango

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