Unlock major features by picking up these vital items.

The best Elden Ring items to grab early on

Crafting Kit

Grab the Crafting Kit (300 runes) from the merchant in the Church of Elleh, and you'll be able to craft useful items from your start menu.

Whetstone Knife

The Whetstone Knife allows you to put abilities, or Ashes of War, on your weapons through a menu option on Sites of Grace. It can be found in an cellar within Gatefront Ruins. 

Spirit Calling Bell

An item that lets you call in AI allies to tackle enemy encampments or to help with bosses. After you earn Torrent, go to the Church of Elleh at night and the mysterious Renna will give you the bell. 

Tailoring Tools

Fashion Souls is back in Elden Ring, baby! With the Tailoring Tools, you can change the look of your armor via Site of Graces. Defeat the Demi-Human Boc in the Coastal Cave to claim the tools. 

Flask of Wondrous Physick

Elden Ring starts you off with two types of healing potions, but you can grab a third, customizable one: the Flask of Wondrous Physick. It can be found in the Third Church of Marika.

Green Turtle Talisman

This handy talisman boosts stamina recovery. Find it in a cellar guarded by an Imp Statue within Summonwater Village. Use a Stonesword Key to gain access and the talisman will be yours. 

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