Beat the heat with some of our favorite free to play games.

The best F2P games: Summer 2022

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Fall Guys

The "party royale" game is going through a bit of a resurgence with its move to F2P. Obstacle course slapstick is the gist here, but it's a silly good time.

Apex Legends

Apex remains our battle royale of choice, thanks to great gunplay and consistent seasonal updates. It's the best FPS battle royale to play right now.

Lost Ark

An action-RPG MMO where you besiege castles and battle demon clowns that's also a surprisingly generous F2P game. Combat constantly throws hordes at you so you can carve them up in style.


Still Fortnite, which means it's the same and radically different every time we look. The most notable recent addition is the no-build mode, an easier entry point if you like to focus on shooting over the building meta.

Path of Exile

It's not the most beautiful action-RPG in the world, but by god it's deep, with endless skills to level, loot to nab, and expansions that introduce new mechanics every few months.

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