Nintendo may never release a proper Pokémon game on PC, but these are the next best thing. 

The best Pokémon games on PC


If you want a Pokémon game that's also a farming and life sim, then Ooblets is for you. It's a creature collector where your little buddies don't fight each other, but compete in dance battles.

Released: July 2020 | Dev: Glumberland


The truest to the Pokémon formula on this list. You have teams of creatures that fight, different regions to explore, and evil bands of hooligans to defeat. You can't get much more Pokémon than that.

Released: Jan 2020 | Dev: Crema


You don't just battle beasties in Monster Crown—you can make pacts with them to join your crew. There's also an emphasis on breeding, with more than 1000 creatures to mad science into existence.

Released: July 2020 | Dev: Studio Aurum


One of the most polished takes on Pokémon. The character animations are fun, the world is vibrant, and the creatures are a well-designed bunch.

Released: July 2020 | Dev: VEWO Interactive


This spin-off sees you carefully stacking your round friends (called Mirages) on top of each other, giving your party a variety of abilities. It's a cool twist on FF's traditional battles.

Released: Nov 2018 | Dev: Square Enix


Creature collecting meets metroidvania in Monster Sanctuary. It has the same monster battles as the other games on this list but with the twist of having everything play out as a 2D sidescroller.

Released: Dec 2020 | Dev: Moi Rai Games


If you're after nostalgia, look no further. A monster battler inspired by RPG classics, this sticks closely to Nintendo's formula: Choose a starter creature, then set off to collect another 200 monsters.

Released: Oct 2019 | Dev: Picorinne Soft

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