Longing for more games like Stardew Valley? Good news: casual farming sims have taken root on PC.

The best games like Stardew Valley on PC

Littlewood is plenty cute, with the same jaunty music that makes Stardew so special. It also has a long list of chores you'll recognize: farming, mining, bug catching, and cooking.


Potion Permit may not be about farming, but it has all the local denizens, relationships, combat, and upgrading of a Stardew style game.

Potion Permit

If you're fond of Disney flicks, you'll lose it for DDV. The folks who enjoy designing the perfect Stardew farm will love getting sucked into designing an entire House of Mouse island.

Disney Dreamlight Valley

Once again, Beatrix must build enclosures for her slimes and grow plenty of crops and chickadoos to keep them well-fed, and combine new types of slimes into special varieties.

Slime Rancher 2

Had enough of chickens, cows and sheep? Dinkum is a town and farm sim based on the Australian Outback, so you'll have kangaroos, crocs, and giant wombats to play with.


My Time At Portia is the rare 3D town sim of the bunch that ends up feeling like Stardew Valley by way of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. 

My Time at Portia

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