A strategy guide for your next game of disk space Tetris.

Games with impressively tiny install sizes in 2022

Ion Fury

This throwback to Duke Nukem 3D is proof that hi-res 2D graphics and 3D environments can still play remarkably well together, and it only clocks in at a teeny tiny 100MB.

Release date:‌ Aug 2019
Our review score: 77
Min storage requirment: 100MB

Deep Rock Galactic

In exchange for fewer gigabytes than one hand could count, you get an eminently replayable romp through the randomized depths of Hoxxes IV.

Release date:‌ May 2020
Our review score: 79
Minimum storage requriement: 3GB

Crusader Kings 3

Crusader Kings 3 might not have the kind of 3D graphics that gobble up hard drive real estate, but considering it simulates the entirety of medieval politics down to the country level, a measly 8GB is some achievement. 

Release date:‌ Sep 2020
Our review score: 94
Min storage requirment: 8GB


It make be a life-swallowing Viking Minecraft, but for all its survival scope, Valheim will only occupy a single, modest gigabyte on your hard drive/SSD.

Release date:‌ Feb 2021
Min storage requirment: 1GB

Risk of Rain 2

A game with that flavor of roguelike magic where lucking into a wild set of upgrades doesn’t just make your current run more exciting, it makes the next one better, too. And all for a tiny 4GB. 

Release date:‌ Aug 2020
Our review score: 84
Minimum storage requriement: 4GB

Dark Souls Remastered

If Elden Ring was your first entry into the genre, Dark Souls is a piece of history worth revisiting—and a full 50GB lighter, too.

Release date:‌ May 2018
Min storage requirment: 8GB

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