It's moddin' time.

The best God of War mods

How to install God of War PC mods

These mods are all available on Nexus Mods and come with their own instructions on how to download and install. Your PC specs will play a part in how good the mods look, so click on each one to find out more info.


Skip PlayStation intro

This mod takes you straight to the main menu, saving you from having to watch the PlayStation intro over and over. If you wanted to play it on a PS4 you'd have bought a PS4, right?


God of War NG+ Save File PS4 import

If you finished God of War on your PlayStation and want to continue with that save in an NG+ it's now possible thanks to this mod from enzonahuy. 


No eyes, no beard but with dead eyes

If you would like Kratos to look the worst he ever has in his life, download this mod from DisablePP.


GOW Regrade

A graphics mod that enhances colours, shadows, and tone-mapping sharpness, which should makes Kratos' adventure look more vibrant. 


Invisible chest armor

Want to show of the Dad of War's shredded torso without all that pesky armor getting in the way? This is the mod for you.


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