Action games that require precise timing, foresight, and cleverness.

The best hard games on Steam

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Getting out of the underworld won't be easy, but you can do it if you keep trying. One of the best recent action games, with great characters.

Doom Eternal

In its modern form, the classic first-person shooter is a super-fast gauntlet of bloody demonic combat. We love it.

Sekio: Shadows Die Twice

This savage samurai slasher is probably even harder than Elden Ring. Like any FromSoftware game, it proves brilliant if you have the stomach for the challenge.

Hollow Knight

An expansive 2D bug adventure that's full of secrets to discover, and just about the pinnacle of the 'Metroidvania' genre.

Super Meat Boy

Another platforming favorite. The nastiness of its sawblades and ultra-tricky jumps is made manageable by the bite-sized levels.

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