Terrifying PC games that will shred your nerves and make you scream

The best horror games on PC

A deft remake that somehow manages to make zombies scary again. The game's undead hordes are menacing lumps of shambling flesh that prove seriously hard to put down.

Resident Evil 2

A bleak platformer that puts you through a gauntlet of hellish imagery, from creepy mermaids to savage dogs. Inside's dystopian world will get under your skin in the most upsetting way.


A must-play horror that elicits dread through expertly edited sound effects. Amnesia's fortress echoes with eerie noises and strange rumbles, making it a ghastly but gripping place to explore.

Amnesia: The
Dark Descent

A brutal, brilliant survival horror that shines thanks to its central monster. Stalking you throughout the Sevastopol station, the Xenomorph proves itself a terrifyingly smart predator.

Alien Isolation

A chilling indie that strives to keep players guessing. Rather than tingle your spine with jump scares, it opts to disorientate your senses as you seek escape from its pixelated maze. It's also super cheap on Steam.


Before BioShock was BioShock, there was System Shock: an altogether freakier combo of RPG and FPS. Thanks to the unhinged, unforgettable rogue AI SHODAN, this remains one of the sharpest written horror games on PC.

System Shock 2

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