Lose yourself in fantastic worlds and embark on unforgettable quests in these essential PC role-playing games.

The best JRPGs and ARPGs on PC in 2022

Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Brawling is out; turn-based combat is in for the latest Yakuza. This is a pure JRPG, but one that carries forward all the drama, absurdity and satire that make the series what it is.

Release: 2020 | Dev: Rya Ga Gotoku Studio


Persona 4 Golden

The real meat of Persona 4 is the social side. It's between the dungeons when you hang out with pals, explore the sleepy town of Inaba, and work to solve the mystery behind a string of murders.

Release: 2020 | Dev: ATLUS


Final Fantasy XII

FF12 can't render the streaming open worlds we're used to these days, but the art looks great, and the gambit system is one of the most fun party developments in RPG history.

Release: 2018 | Dev: Square Enix


Path of Exile

This excellent action RPG is heaven for players that enjoy constructing the most effective killing machines possible. It’s not the most glamorous ARPG, but it has extraordinary depth of progression.

Release: 2013 | Dev: Grinding Gear Games


Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls

Nothing beats the tremendous feeling of wiping out hordes of baddies with a well-timed ability change. RoS is the defining action RPG for us, and we'll be playing it for a long, long time.

Release: 2013 | Dev: Grinding Gear Games


Grim Dawn

A gritty, well-made action RPG with strong classes and a pretty world full of monsters to slay in their droves.

Release: 2016 | Dev: Crate Entertainment


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