Share the handheld fun around with these Deck games you can enjoy with friends. 

The best multiplayer games for the Steam Deck

Valheim - 1GB

Not only is this survival sim tiny, it's also great with a controller. As long as you're somewhere with a stable internet connection, we wholly recommend joining your friends for some Viking shenanigans.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons - 2GB

Brothers is perfect for a couch co-op session. Using one hand each, this game requires intense coordination, but as long as you both hold the controller similarly, it shouldn't be an issue.

Rocket League - 13.41GB

Providing you have a stable network connection, this breakout car/soccer sensation should run just fine on the Deck. Even the masses of particle effects don't tend to cause stuttering.

Phogs! - 6GB

Another controller-sharing game that works great on the Steam Deck. You won't need to change any settings to get a super smooth experience out of this bizzare conjoined pooch adventure.

Jackbox series - various sizes

The extreme portability of the Steam Deck makes it a fantastic party game device. Even without the dock, you can play Jackbox because you use your phone to interact, as opposed to a controller.

Heave Ho - 1GB

Perfect with a controller, this is a great one for the Deck. It works straight off the bat with no settings or control tweaks, though it's worth turning down the frame cap just to save your battery.

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