Some of our favorite Steam releases.

The best new Steam games in 2022

Citizen Sleeper

An evocative life-sim RPG you won't want to wake up from, and one that lets you build a life you'll want to keep living. 

PC Gamer review score:‌ 80%


Teardown is both a chaotic destruction sandbox and a great game in its own right. Turns out, tearing shit down is reeeeeally fun. 

PC Gamer review score:‌ 90%

Elden Ring

An open world masterpiece that reaches new heights, even if it spends a little too much time in familiar FromSoftware territory.

PC Gamer review score:‌ 90%


A must-play for anyone interested in narrative-driven games, and a landmark moment for point-and-click adventures. 

PC Gamer review score:‌ 94%


Join an adorable fox on a daring quest in this Zelda-like adventure. Delightfully difficult combat and meaningful exploration make Tunic a retro-inspired modern marvel.

PC Gamer review score:‌ 86%

Lost Ark

Smilegate's blend of ARPG and MMO is a (mostly) successful experiment. Excellent combat and a stunning sense of scale help steer Lost Ark through its more tired MMO conventions.

PC Gamer review score:‌ 78%

Rogue Legacy 2

A sublime addition to the Rogue Legacy family and one of the best roguelites yet. The demanding gameplay remains endlessly entertaining. 

PC Gamer review score:‌ 88%

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