If you're getting into PC gaming for the first time, here are some great games to start with.

The best PC games for newcomers

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Short but oh so sweet, the classic Portal serves up dozens of ingenious puzzles, as well as an all-time favorite character in GlaDOS, the AI testing and taunting you.

Portal 2

A masterful sequel that ups that scale and spectacle. Like Portal, this is a great way to learn mouse and keyboard controls in a first-person game in an environment free from competition.

Slay the Spire

An easy game to get hooked on, and a huge upgrade from Windows Solitaire. It seems simple at first: You play attack and defense cards drawn from a small deck. Yet the combos and synergies at play soon make Slay tough to resist. 

Civilization 6

The quintessential "just one more turn" game, where there's always a new short-term goal to reach as you build and manage a nation by founding cities.

Destiny 2

A big, online shooter that you can play for free. If you're not used to keyboard and mouse controls, Destiny 2 plays fine with a controller given its console pedigree.

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