The very best games you should play right now taken from the annual PC Gamer Top 100.

The top 10 PC games in 2021

10. Valheim

A superb Viking adventure that tweaks and twists tired survival themes to ensure staving off death never feels like a joyless grind. 

Released: 2021 | Last position: New entry

9. The Witcher 3

It might be getting a little old, but few other RPGs can match the intrigue of The Witcher 3's tremendously written, intriguingly nuanced side quests. 

Released: 2015 | Last position: 4

8. Minecraft

The iconic, bottomless sandbox gets a major bump up the list this year thanks to the amazing Caves and Cliffs update. The number of charities and projects using Minecraft as a force for good is also wonderful to see. 

Released: 2009 | Last position: 48

Still the best roguelike deckbuilder around. The decks you put together feel like intricate engines, and there are always new configurations to try.

Released: 2019 | Last position: 5

7. Slay the Spire

6. Death Stranding

The experience of traversing Hideo Kojima's thoroughly odd but compelling open world hiking sim is unforgetable. The PC port is also terrific. 

Released: 2020 | Last position: New entry

5. Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar's epic take on the American Frontier feels wild and truly alive. Whether riding alongside buffalo or drinking in all that Wild West scenery, RDR2 captures the majesty of nature. 

Released: 2019 | Last position: 3

4. Apex Legends

The guns feel great, the characters are all memorable dirtbags, and Respawn figured out just the right amount of Titanfall 2's movement to carry over into a sprawling battle royale.

Release date: 2019 | Last position: 17

3. Crusader Kings 3

A grand strategy in a massive world constantly rocked by major events. Despite the scale, this is a game where your focus is continually drawn back to the tiniest personal dramas.

Released: 2020 | Last position: New entry

2. Hitman 3

As a way to access the entire trilogy—including the ever-expanding selection of escalation contracts and time-limited elusive targets—this inventive stealth sequel is essential.

Released: 2020 | Last position: New entry

1. Disco Elysium – The Final Cut

A detective game that's so effective, it will alter your expectations for the entire genre. The compelling, super seedy world and gross yet fascinating characters will stay with you for years. 

Released: 2019 | Last position: 1

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