Scale objects and solve conundrums with this collection of Deck-friendly treats.

The best platform and puzzle games for the Steam Deck

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Portal 2 - 8GB

It goes without saying that a game made by Valve should run well on a handheld by the same company. You may need to tweak the controls of this classic puzzler, but otherwise it runs super smoothly.

Manifold Garden - 3GB

With no intense graphics and a tiny install size, this peaceful puzzle platformer is great on the Deck. It works without Proton, and the controls lend themselves well to the gamepad.

Dorfromantik - 650MB

This is a minimal game that requires little to no reading, so there are zero issues with the Deck's screen size. Go and find yourself a nice quiet spot to chill out and build some hex-based landscapes.

Fez - 500MB

We always felt like Fez would be better on handheld, and we were right. Phil Fish's masterpeice is rich and engaging enough that you want to play everywhere you go.

Cuphead - 4GB

Cuphead may be a little intense to play in public, but there's no reason not to have this one downloaded considering how small the file size is. It works great with a controller, too.

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