The best racers, from hardcore driving sims to casual arcade capers

The best racing
games on PC

With meticulous car and track modeling, this is as close to real racing as you can get on PC. To get the most out of iRacing though, you have to embrace its community, which involves paying subs fees.


The racing sim that tries to do it all. Whether you want to smash through Swedish snowdrifts or go karting in the Scottish highlands, the depth of simulation is unrivaled.

Project CARS 2

Almost a decade on and the physics-defying action of this ludicrous racer remains a blast. Its powerful track editor ensures an endless supply of new courses to master.

TrackMania 2

An ultra realistic rally sim where simply keeping your car on the road can prove a huge challenge. The weight and raw power of its cars is utterly convincing.

Dirt Rally 2

Despite its obsessively detailed cars, a generous selection of driving assists make this breezy British sandbox perfect for casual racing fans. The PC port is also more assured than FH3.

Forza Horizon 4

The only game here that lets you cripple cars in a knock-off Ecto-1. Blindingly fast, with gut-wrenching collisions, Paradise is king of the modern arcade racing genre.

Paradise Remastered

An oddball open-world racer that lets you 'shift' between NPC cars at-will. Truly original, with a retro-chic '70s vibe that still feels fresh, Driver radiates style in spite of its age.

Driver: San Francisco

An essential experience for anyone with a passing interest in cars... even if it barely lets you sit in one. Part mechanic sim, part being a layabout in '90s Finland, there's nothing else quite like MSC.

My Summer Car

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