A collection of simulations that are a great fit for Valve's gaming handheld. 

The best sims to play on the Steam Deck

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Roots of Pacha - 600MB

Slow paced and perfect with a controller, farming sims are some of the best games for the Steam Deck. Roots of Pacha takes up very little space and won't drain your battery. 

Frostpunk - 8GB

It's a little awkward using a controller, but once you've assigned everything and adjusted the sensitivity curve on the thumbstick, Frostpunk plays surprisingly well on the Deck.

Two Point Hospital - 6GB

Other than some minor controller faff, Two Point Hospital is a great fit for the Deck. This genuinely funny sim isn't graphically intensive and the install size is small.

Rimworld - 389.99MB

There are some good controller layouts out there to play Rimworld on the Steam Deck, although you may want to find a mod that lets you scale the UI.

The Sims 4 - 18GB+

The fact that you can get masses of mods working on the Steam Deck makes it all the more tempting to get into a Simming sesh. Being able to scale the UI is also a big plus.

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