The best solo shooters for anyone who wants to sit alone to blast monsters and bad guys.

The best singleplayer FPS games on PC in 2022

Doom Eternal

Eternal brings more verticality and greater enemy variety than its predecessor, delivering an enthralling campaign that never seems to end (boosted by two great DLC campaigns).

Release: 1999 | Dev: Irrational Games

Neon White

The most exciting shooter of 2022, ironically, doesn't really have guns. In this FPS speedrunning platformer, guns are represented by cards with secondary movement abilities like a leap, dash, or slam.

Release: 2022 | Dev: Angel Matrix

Titanfall 2

Thrilling platforming challenges, mech murder, and one-off level-changing tools combine in an all-time great shooter campaign.

Release: 2016 | Dev: Respawn

Hyper Demon

Devil Daggers walked so Hyper Demon could run, run, oh my god keep running they're right behind you. It's another ultra-hard wave survival shooter, except survival is actually easier this time.

Release: 2022 | Dev: Sorath


Leveraging great ideas from System Shock with modern sensibilities and Arkane's incredible eye for aesthetic design, Prey is a dense, lethal playground for experimentation.

Release: 2017 | Dev: Arkane

Metro Exodus

Trading the claustrophobic subway tunnels of Metro: Last Light for a mix of open and linear environments across a lush, living Russia, this is a classy sandbox shooter.

Release: 2019 | Dev: 4A Games

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