The games we think will be perfect for Valve's new handheld. 

Games we want to play on Steam Deck

Steam Deck will launch with a dream library

If Steam Deck were a console, it'd have the best console launch lineup in history. Steam boasts the largest collection of major and minor PC games in one client, and here are a selection we think will be brilliantly suited to Valve's handheld. 

Monster Train | 2020

Our favorite deck-builder after Slay the Spire, and it's still not on Switch or mobile. Working out how to create the perfect demon faction is super addictive. 

Death's Door | 2021

A tightly paced action game that feels like a compact modern-day Zelda. It's a microscopic epic: a big adventure you'll feel satisfied to finish in 10 hours. 

Stardew Valley | 2016

You can get through an in-game day in a brief sitting, so our fave farm/life sim is structured well for the sort of spare moments Steam Deck will be ideal for. 

Halo: The Master Chief Collection | 2019

Halo was built for gamepad controls, so any game in the series should feel great on the Deck. Popping in for a run of The Silent Cartographer wherever you are sounds lovely.

Valheim | 2021

Some of the survival sim's activities should work a treat on the Deck. Taking care of turnips and fiddling with your base feel like the sort of gentle tasks that will be well suited to handheld play. 

Sekiro | 2019

Rather than pace your apartment between gos at Genichiro, imagine whipping out the Deck on a leisurely Saturday, spacing out attempts to stab the man with oat milk lattes. Lovely. 

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim | 2011

Skyrim has proven that it's playable on just about anything, and the Deck shouldn't be any different. Chilling on a couch while sucking down dragon souls feels like a good fit. 

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