Got a fresh Steam account? Here are the games you need to play first.

The best games on Steam

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The simple, gravity-based conundrums, effortessly witty script, and a certain song about a cake, make Valve's one-two punch puzzlers all-time greats. If you're new to PC, the Portals are a great way to learn keyboard and mouse controls. 

Portal and Portal 2


One of the most popular battle royales. Apex separates itself by bringing character abilities into the genre. Cluster bombs, jumps pads, and drones make for hi-tech multiplayer thrills.

Apex Legends


Got a fairly powerful PC? Then Rockstar's sweeping Wild West tale is an excellent pick. There's no other open world game that nails the small details, or a sense of time and place, quite like this sandbox. 

Red Dead Redemption 2


Getting out of the underworld won't be easy, but you can do it if you keep trying. One of the best games of 2020, Hades combines granite-hard combat with a wonderfully aloof script about petty gods.



2019's best game... and it's not even close. A brilliant, story-focused RPG about a hungover detective solving a murder in a grimy, fantastical city in the throes of a class struggle. A masterpiece.

Disco Elysium


Spend your days clearing out rocks and designing your ideal farm, and your evenings hanging out with friends. One of our all-time favorites, and a game that keeps getting better over time. 

Stardew Valley


A recent favorite, this survival sim is almost certainly going to be the big breakout hit of 2021. Build a Viking settlement with pals, craft weapons, and fight mystical bosses in this indie smash.



It's going to take a lot of time to learn, but once you do, this grand historical stategy game is one of the best ever. With amazing systems and characters, it generates amazing medieval drama. 

Crusader Kings 3


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