The best games for surviving against the odds. 

The best survival games on PC

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A massive procedurally generated world, fearsome boss fights, and excellent base-building make this Viking survival sim stand out. Solo play is great, but Valheim really shines in co-op.   


Turns out swimming in an ocean filled with alien beasties is kinda dangerous. Who knew? Build habitats and a fleet of subs as you admire coral reefs, sea caves and cavernous trenches. 


Size matters... especially when you're teeny and being chased by a spider the size of a truck. With flowers the height of skyscrapers, surviving in this colossal garden elicits both awe and anguish. 


Bitingly addictive crisis managment in a frozen world. With a handful of cold, hungry people, you need to build a working city inside a snow-filled crater heated only by a huge coal furnace.


Inspired by Dwarf Fortress, this management sim revolves around looking after a colony. Everything from disease, weather events to alien attacks can cause chaos in this cutesy world. 


Though there are endless creative ways you can enjoy Minecraft, it's still an excellent survival game. Hunger and thirst systems are well-implemented, while crafting is incredibly robust. 


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