VR games didn't have a big E3, but there were still some standouts. 

The best VR game trailers we saw at E3

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Song in the Smoke

A survival game with intriguing animal AI. In a cute touch, creatures have different reactions to you depending on their status, so a hungry critter will act differently to one that's just eaten. 


This noir rhythm combat game is like Pistol Whip with an edge. As mobs rush you, defeat them to the time of the beat using knifes, guns, and other weapons. 

Smash Drums

Another rhythm game, but this time a Beat Saber-like all about percussion. As drums flow through the air, strike them in time with the music for a hard rockin' good time. 


You don't need a guitar to rock out with Unplugged. If you've got an Oculus Quest you don't even need controllers—the headset's finger-tracking tech lets you play high-speed air guitar with nothing but your empty hands.

I Expect You to Die 2

Don disguises, use telekinesis, and travel around the world in this follow-up to the much-loved secret agent puzzler. If it's anything like the original, it'll be a rib-tickling spy thriller. 

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