These killer COD firearms will help you achieve victory in Verdansk

The best Warzone guns

Want a gun that can give you a competitive edge in that next battle royale match you drop into? These are the best weapons Warzone has to offer...

A reliable mid-ranger commonly found scattered throughout Verdansk. With the right stock and optic sight, budding sharp-shooters can dish out copious kills with this solid weapon.


The AUG's raw accuracy and range solidifies it as one of Warzone's best guns. Thanks to its generous fire rate, the AUG performs well no matter what attachments you throw at it.


This modular monster beats the M4A1 with its increased range and mobility stats. The Grau is also a better shout than the Oden rifle, as it's both easier to control and more accurate.

Grau 5.56

Verdansk is too big to explore without a sniper rifle slung over your shoulder for the odd match. We like the HDR's steady handling, but be careful players don't sneak up on you while scoped.


For those heated moments when your enemies get too close for comfort, you need an agile SMG. Enter the MP7. With its high fire rate and large mag, this weapon shines at close quarters.


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