The biggest trailers from June 2022's lineup of gaming showcases.

The biggest games at not-E3 2022


The game everyone thought would be Skyrim in space... well, sure does look like Skyrim in space. Hell, there's even space lockpicking. Still, the promised scale is staggering. 

When's it out: TBC 2023
Is it coming to PC? Yes. 

The Callisto Protocol

Dead Space co-creator Glen Schofield is back with a new team, and a new game that looks… very Dead Space. Given that the Dead Space series became what it did, that's quite refreshing. 

When's it out: December 2
Is it coming to PC? Yes. 

Diablo 4

We've known about the next hell-bashing action RPG from Blizzard for a while, but the new Necromancer class reveal seems to hint the publisher is planning to launch the game in 2023. 

When's it out: TBC 2023
Is it coming to PC? Yes. 

COD: Modern Warfare 2

The sequel to Modern Warfare (2019), not Modern Warfare (2007)... which is in no way confusing. Credit to the studio for serving up such a meaty slice of actual gameplay, though. 

When's it out: October 28
Is it coming to PC? Yes. 

Resident Evil 4 Remake

A remake of 2005's Resi 4, the one that more or less changed everything. Some consider RE4 close to a perfect game so we're hoping this "reimagining" sees Capcom on its A game. 

When's it out: March 24, 2023
Is it coming to PC? Yes. 

Street Fighter 6

The most iconic fighting game in history returns. The reveal trailer shows off a first for Street Fighter: an "immersive single player story mode" with light Yakuza vibes.

When's it out: December 2
Is it coming to PC? Yes. 

Final Fantasy 16

The next mainline Final Fantasy game is showing off a lot of flashy, action-packed gameplay that seems to be taking the series to a new level in terms of presentation.

When's it out: Summer 2023
Is it coming to PC? We hope so! But it make take a while.

Overwatch 2

The sequel/major update to Blizzard's hero shooter you definitely know and maybe love has now been confirmed as free to play when it finally launches

When's it out: PvP launches on October 4
Is it coming to PC? Yes. 

Spider-Man Remastered

The formerly PlayStation-exclusive Spider-Man game from Insomniac, now coming to Steam and the Epic Games Store in a Remastered PC edition.

When's it out: August 12
Is it coming to PC? Yes... that's the whole point.

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