We round up some of the most exciting new games coming to PC this year.

The biggest new PC games of 2022

God of War

Kratos and son finally make their way to PC in a port of the much-loved action hack-and-slash. We can't wait to explore those Norse realms in gorgeous 4K.


Dying Light 2

The much-delayed zombies and parkour sequel brings a bigger map, and the return of dangerous night-time play that sees you stealthing along rooftops and through Infected nests.


Elden Ring

FromSoftware returns to the Dark Souls formula, with the added spice of an open world setting. Last year's network test was hugely promising, so this could well be a classic. 


Final Fantasy Origin

A pseudo-remake with a story inspired by 1987's Final Fantasy. This redux uses a mashup of the Final Fantasy 7 remake's combat engine, spliced with elements of Team Ninja's Nioh series.


Saints Row

Volition is rebooting its wacky action in the American southwest. Here's hoping the final game gets a better reception than that debut trailer.



Bethesda's first new series in years looks set to be "Skyrim in space". We're expecting tons of exciting exploration and dangerous spaceflight within the Settled Systems.


Company of Heroes 3

The latest entry in Relic's World War 2 RTS series is set in Italy and North Africa. New features include a tactical pause system for single-player and dynamic cover.

TBA 2022

Gotham Knights

Four members of the Bat Family watch over Gotham in the Dark Knight's absence in this new action game. Tackle the big bads of the Court of Owls either solo or in two-player co-op.

TBA 2022

Kerbal Space Program 2

The most anticipated PC sequel of the year will let you establish colonies, embrace interstellar travel, and explode innumerable spacecraft before the horrified and fascinated Kerbonauts. 

TBA 2022

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