The weird world of bootleg Pokémon games on PC

These fan-made Pokémon games are darker, stranger, and more social than their inspiration.  

By: Adam Brough

By: Jeremy Peel

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Pokémon games don't typically come to PC, but that won't stop PC gamers from making their own.

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Pokémon Fusion Generation

Fusion is an RPG where your pocket monsters are combined in monstrous science experiments to make new, freaky hybrid Pokémon.

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Pokémon Snakewood

Snakewood is the Pokémon game for edgelords, pitting your Pokémon directly against trainers, and reducing the series’ idyllic setting to an apocalyptic horrorscape.

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Pokémon Reborn

A Pokémon game that opens with a train explosion rather than mom packing you a lunch. Pokémon are dying off and the world is a polluted mess. Have fun! 

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Pokémon Planet

It’s a wonder there's yet to be a Pokémon MMO. Pokémon Planet aims to fill that void.

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Pokémon Adventure

It's just bootleg Pokémon Mario.

While they're legal to play, bootleg Pokémon games aren't exactly legal to make and distribute.

Gotta catch 'em all (before Nintendo's lawyers do)!

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