Who are the standout personalities from 17 years of COD campaigns?

The best and worst Call of Duty characters

Despite being played by a former soap opera serial killer, this terrorist-torturing cockney exudes the demeanour of an endearingly drunk uncle. He's a simulated family Christmas in a pandemic year. 

John Price

Game: Modern Warfare (2019)

This one-time veteran of the Siege of Stalingrad ended up taking on a Rasputin-like aura of near-immortality. He's buoyed by Gary Oldman's charisma, and was the first COD character to endorse an anti-nationalist worldview.

Viktor Reznov

Game(s): World at War/Black Ops

Perhaps COD's most subversive character. He's introduced as a gruff general before turning duplicitous and murdery. His motivation is relatable: he was traumatized by the nuke scene in the first Modern Warfare. 

General Shepherd

Game: Modern Warfare 2

A witty AI solider with 'Banter 101' hardwired into its programming. E3N thinks its fellow soldiers are more likely to have its back if it tells jokes. "I carry the brain of a human farmer," Ethan quips to a gullible comrade. 

E3N "Ethan"

Game: Infinite Warfare

The best character in Modern Warfare, and one who finally put a face to the Middle Eastern perspective the series had been missing. Her unbending moral code makes for a striking contrast in the company of Captain Price. 

Farah Karim

Game: Modern Warfare (2019)

Whenever you're being briefed in Cold War's between-missions safehouse, these two are inseparable. Despite coming from different intelligence agencies, they enjoy strange yet sweet conversations during the campaign. 

Helen Park and Eleazar Azoulay

Game: Black Ops Cold War

Ending on a low note, Ghost is not a character. He is a mute mannequin wearing a balaclava with a skull on it. Ghost's backstory is something about... kissing a snake? We recommend never reading his wiki entry.

Simon "Ghost" Reilly

Game(s): Too many CODs too count

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