The revamped map reworks many of Warzone's major landmarks, here's what you should look for going in.

The biggest changes to Verdansk 84 in Call of Duty: Warzone

The big Gora Dam in the upper left of the map has transformed into Gora Summit. The new location is based on the classic Black Ops 1 map, and is easier to reach thanks to handy cable cars.

1. Gora Summit (formerly Dam)

Verdansk '84 keeps the general shape of the airport intact, but the inside has been heavily renovated. Parts of the second floor that were previously destroyed are now pristine and open for looting. 

2. Verdansk Airport

Just below Gora Summit sits the Old Mine, a new location that replaces the random smattering of buildings south of the Dam on the original Verdansk. It's a good spot to grab a quick jeep. 

3. Old Mine (New)

A fresh location that seems to have replaced the white cylindrical tanks tucked near the Airport and Superstore. Its tall smokestacks and concrete tower add new sightlines into the Airport. 

4. Airplane Factory (New)

The Stadium's layout has been reimagined with an older aesthetic, some under construction areas, and more cover on the field. The outside has less cover though, so you better get inside the structure quickly. 

5. Verdansk Stadium

The most noticeable additon to Verdansk's skyline. Brazenly positioned near the northeast Quarry, this massive structure has a warehouse at its base, and can be spotted from anywhere on the map. 

6. Grid Array (New)

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