From starfighters to jumbo jets. 

The coolest cockpits in PC gaming

Heading 3

Strap into the pilot seat of this craft and you feel like you're suspended in a giant glass bubble, with huge windows giving you unbeatable galactic views. 

Asp Explorer (Elite Dangerous)

Hawken's servers were shut down in 2018, but we still have fond memories of its junky mechs. The Reaper, and its cockpit that looks like an old Soviet warplane, is our favorite. 

Reaper (Hawken)

We love the cockpits in this punky space sim. The lo-fi consoles, colorful display and scattered personal touches give the ships a scrappy, lived-in quality. 

Sonora (Rebel Galaxy Outlaw)

One of the all-time classic cockpits. Seeing your legs tucked under the console as your hands wrestle with the flight stick gives you a real sense of being squeezed into a small, nimble fighter. 

F-36 Hornet (Wing Commander)

The TIE Fighter cockpit is completely impractical, but man does it look cool. Bonus points for all the readouts being functional, too. 

TIE Fighter (Star Wars: Squadrons)

The mighty 747 sports an obscenely detailed cockpit. It's a sea of switches and panels, many of which actually function as they do in real life.

Boeing 747 (Microsoft Flight Simulator)

The low-tech readouts dotted around your Titan's cockpit give the interior a nice utilitarian military feel. Climbing into BT never gets old. 

BT-7274 (Titanfall 2)

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