Armed with this CK3 guide, your dynasty will dominate for generations

6 essential Crusader Kings 3 tips

Empires will come and go as you play, so resist the urge to start over when a regime falls. As long as your dynasty doesn't die out, and you don't lose your last country, you can always rebuild. 

1. Keep the big picture in mind

Regularly open your realm or faction screen to find out if your vassals are unhappy with you. Hovering over the red or green opinion number will present you with a list of their grievances.

2. Check on your vassals' happiness when you can

Limit your focus to a single country early on. Due to how succession works—lands are split between siblings when parents die—try not to take over multiple realms until you're sure you can hold onto the land you already have a claim to. 

3. Focus on one county, especially early on

Stress levels only really become an issue when they hit level three. Until then, try not to worry about your character losing their cool. Coping mechanisms, like drinking or buying clothes, can normally negate the first two levels of stress.

4. Don't stress too much about stress

Marrying your child to another ruler will form a military alliance. If you have attractive offspring and a knack for diplomacy, this can increase your might.

5. Create strong allies through marriage

Certain cultures and government types let you raid the lands of your neighbors without actually declaring war on them. This sneaky practice lets you steal gold and accumulate prestige. 

6. Raid the lands of your neighbors

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