Essential quests and survival tips.

6 must-know Cyberpunk 2077 tips

After the prologue you'll be reunited with your car, but the moment you start the engine, an automated taxi will ram you. This begins a chain of quests for Delamain, a fleet of driverless cabs. Hunting them all down proves surprisingly interesting. 

Hunt down the rogue AI taxis

As soon as this NCPD detective's missions become available, take them on. This is some of the best side content in the game, with V getting tangled up in a seriously dark, twisted series of events involving a notorious serial killer. 

Work with River Ward

The first cybernetic implant you get is a pair of Kiroshi Optics. If you use your mouse's scroll wheel or tap your controller's D-pad, you can zoom in. This is good for scoping out distant foes and turrets while playing stealthily. 

Use your ocular implant

Your first major mission takes place in this luxury hotel. Make sure to grab a drink before you start the heist. Not only will you overhear interesting chatter from patrons, you'll spot a familiar face at the back of the room. Hey, Kojima-san!

Explore the Konpeki Plaza hotel bar

It's not actually Kaneda's bike from Akira, but it's close enough. At some point in the game you'll get a message from Wakaka Okado offering a Yaiba Kusanagi CT-3X for 22,000 eddies. Once you get it, you won't want to drive anything else. 

Buy the Akira bike

Night City is heaving with loot. V has a carry limit, so eventually you're gonna run out of space and end up encumbered. You can sell stuff at shops, but the easier solution is dumping your items at one of the game's many drop points. Look out for the cardboard box icon on your map.

Visit drop points

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