CD Projekt Red returns with an incredible setting undermined by an onslaught of bugs.

Cyberpunk 2077 review

There won't be another open world like this for a long, long time. At middle to long distance, Night City has no peer in terms of detail. And that includes GTA 5's sweeping Los Santos, or Red Dead Redemption 2's incredible prairies. 

The setting is amazing

Glitches are everywhere. Be it characters clipping through chairs, a busker playing an invisible guitar, or cars spawning through concrete barriers, this is one of the buggiest triple-A games in years. 

A game sick with bugs

If you stay moving and keep your eyes trained ahead, the world is never less than believable. This is an incredible, amazingly detailed world that the in-game stories can never quite live up to. 

Every frame is a striking, living scene

Keanu Reeve's Johnny Silverhand is repulsive, but such is the choice the game gives you, you can change his worldview... assuming he doesn't corrupt you first. At every moment you're aware of how your decisions impact the overall story.

Johnny is a one note, nice engine for introspection

Though infrequent, and difficult to tell apart from the game's endless warehouse gigs, Cyberpunk's deeper sidequests are all great. Detailed and thoughtful, some are up there with the Witcher 3's most celebrated mission. 

Some of the sidequests are 'Bloody Baron' good 

Though the game is disappointingly rote— making for dull stealth missions—gunplay feels great. Choose to go loud and amazing reload animations and devastating takedowns await. 

Gunplay is great, but stealth is shallow

Some nice characters and stories are nested in an astounding open world, one that's sadly undercut by jarring bugs at every turn.

The verdict - 78/100

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