Hands-on with 2020's most exciting RPG

What we learned from playing Cyberpunk 2077

We recently spent four hours with Cyberpunk 2077, the latest RPG from the makers of The Witcher 3. Here are eight things we learned playing 2020's most anticipated game...

Night City is a remarkable place to explore. Stuffed with impossibly busy intersections and searing neon sights, it feels instantly alive. The scale of the open world is mindblowing.

1. Night City
looks incredible

The Badlands that surround Night City are beautifully rendered. Pick the nomad class and you'll start your journey in this expanse of desert, Joshua trees, and isolated towns.

2. The wider world is gorgeously detailed

Cars handle with real weight. Whether drifting in a retro-fitted hatchback or a sci-fi speedster that looks like a punk-influenced Batmobile, the driving model is satisfyingly hefty.

3. Vehicle handling feels surprisingly good

Cyberpunk throws you into intensely odd but undeniably interesting scenarios. In one mission, you scrub through the memories of a seedy CEO courtesy of an augmented headset.

4. Mission design expands on the depth of The Witcher 3

Cyberpunk's combat shares a lot of DNA with the Adam Jensen-starring sci-fi RPG. Stealth is always an option, but when it's time to go loud weapons are pleasingly loud and clunky.

5. The gunplay owes a lot to Deus Ex

Cyberpunk has three distinct life paths to choose from—street kid, corporate agent, or wandering nomad. The path you choose affects your starting location and the characters you meet.

6. Choosing a class
has real consequences

Admire the pores on your hands or read magazine covers on a news stand—Cyberpunk's world is dense with little touches that bring it to life.

7. The level of detail is startling

The variety of NPCs is remarkable. They all rock wild futuristic fashions, from metallic leggings to colored mechanical limbs. Stare at NPCs for too long and they'll comment on your creeping.

8. These are some of the best NPCs we've met in an RPG

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