Five ways this brilliant PC port takes Hideo Kojima's apocalyptic adventure to a new level

Why Death Stranding plays best on PC

Here are five reasons why Death Stranding on PC is the ultimate version of Kojima's latest game...

Unlike the PS4 version, Death Stranding on PC isn't locked to 30 fps. Thanks to a well optimized engine, even mid-range rigs can push beyond 60 fps. In terms of fluidity, it's a night and day difference compared to console.

1.The framerate
is unlocked

If you own an Nvidia GPU, Deep Learning Super Sampling can help you run the game in Ultra HD without sacrificing fps. While it's not a native 4K image, you'll never know the difference thanks to first class anti-aliasing.

2.Nvidia DLSS 2.0

Own a 21:9 or 32:9 gaming monitor? You're in for an ultrawide treat with Death Stranding, which handles these aspect ratios beautifully. Even cutscenes appear in ultrawide, with nary a black border to be seen.

3.Ultrawide support

Make Death Stranding look more detailed than the PS4 edition by upping graphics settings. 16x anisotropic filtering leads to clearer textures on uneven surfaces, character models are improved, while far off objects appear more detailed.

4. Better graphics than PS4

Like taking screenshots? Prepare to lose hours to Death Stranding's photo mode. Not only can you place Sam in dozens of poses and fiddle with filters, you can even pivot individual body parts during snaps.

5. The new photo mode is ludicrously detailed

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