When in the hell are we? Find out with these must-know tips.

Deathloop: 7 tips to get you started

Interacting with everything you can is one of the easiest ways to gather new info, weapons, and gear. You can also kick everything, which can lead to new routes... or a lot of smashed sh*t. 

1. Touch everything

You can learn more about enemies by pressing T—down on the d-pad if you're using a controller. Tagging foes reveals what weapons and kit they have, and some fun, more personal details. 

2. Tag enemies to reveal their secrets

Want to avoid a shootout? Silently crouch behind enemies and take them out by either snapping their necks, using a melee weapon or busting out the nail gun for long-ranged stealth fun.

3. Stealth is usually the safer option

Thanks to Colt's Reprise ability, you're given two chances at a do-over should you be killed. When you respawn you'll be briefly invisible, so use these precious seconds to plan your next move. 

4. The game gives you two chances to cheat death

Guns differ in rarity and are color coded—the best are hidden away or are dropped by challenging foes. Purple and gold gear is the best. Happy shooting! 

5. Go off the beaten track to find better guns

Trinkets can be added to weapons to improve certain aspects, such as reload speeds. You can also equip character trinkets to give Colt and Juilianna a boost, like an early double jump.

6. Power up with trinkets

This handy gizmo lets you hack electronic devices. Sensors, turrets, and security doors can all be disabled, while antennas can be hacked to distract foes.

7. Make full use of the Hackamajig

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