Never released. But never cancelled, either. 

Games we can't believe are still in development

Squadron 42

Originally revealed: 2012
Last seen: 2018
Current release date:‌ TBD, but still years away

This space sim seemed far-fetched a decade ago, and now looks to be slightly outmoded with Starfield on the horizon. Though Cloud Imperium has never shown gameplay footage, the studio insists the game is still in development.


Originally revealed: 2015
Last seen: 2022
Current release date:‌ Nah.

EITR made a lot of waves at E3 2015, looking like a mashup between Diablo and Dark Souls. And then… nothing. Still, new work-in-progress footage hits the subreddit every couple of months, so the lights are still on in the studio.

Skull & Bones

Originally revealed: 2017
Last seen: A week ago!
Current release date:‌ November 8

This ship-to-ship combat sim disappeared completely after it was first unveiled. Reports of a lack of creative direction did the rounds, but after a lengthy wait, it looks like this will launch in Novemeber.

In the Valley of Gods

Originally revealed: 2017
Last seen: 2017
Current release date:‌ Not looking good. 

After Firewatch developer Campo Santo was bought by Valve several years ago, development on this project hits the rails. The game was put "on hold" after the studio's devs moved over to work on Half-Life: Alyx.

Vampire: The Masquerade — Bloodlines 2

Originally revealed: 2019
Last seen: 2019
Current release date:‌ Who knows. 

After a delay in 2020, publisher Paradox cleaved off the leadership team of this sequel. Last we heard, it was working with a new, unnamed developer to get Masquerade across the finish line.

Beyond Good & Evil 2

Originally revealed: 2017
Last seen: 2017
Current release date:‌ Hard to tell, but supposedly development is progressing well.

The original was a platformer with some interesting ideas about surveillance, but it wasn't all that sweeping. Creator Michel Ansel left development on the sequel after misconduct allegations, but apparently it's still being worked on.

Half-Life 2: Episode 3

What Valve said back then: Hahaha
Last seen: We think we both know. 
Current release date:‌ Dream on!!!

Okay, okay, we know. This is mean. We're sorry. But hey, who knows. Maybe someday we'll figure out what's going on with this legendarily delayed episode.

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