What you need to know about each class before putting together a killer Diablo 2 build.

Diablo 2: Resurrected class guide

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The Druid is a jack of all trades. He can buff friends with his auras, dish out elemental damage and, best of all, transform into huge creatures. We're all about turning into a werewolf. 


One of the most fun classes to play at high levels, thanks to her nuke spells and ability to deal strong elemental damage—depending on the skill tree you choose to specialize in.


A super fun class that specializes in summoning armies and dealing poison damage. You start with the ability to summon a skeleton, which does a lot to keep early enemies off your back. 


You just can’t go wrong with the Barbarian in the beginning of the game. He’s tough, he hits hard, and he’s surprisingly fast. His Leap ability is also enormous fun.


She’s not the most fun character to play in the early game, but the Amazon eventually gains a nice range of elemental attacks and has the ability to use javelins in close or ranged combat.


The Paladin wants Holy Fire—an elemental aura that does pulsing AoE damage. It’s good for early levels, but doesn’t scale into higher difficulties as well as his more advanced abilities.


A technical class with speed and dexterity, she was added in the Lord of Destruction expansion. Her traps can deal with large mobs when augmented by other skills, but she is a little weak. 

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