Stabbing a dragon in the eye while on horseback, using sleep arrows, and other new tidbits.

Elden Ring: 7 things you need to know

The Lands Between is an open world studded with smaller dungeons and encounters. Branching out from this are 'Legacy Dungeons', which act as self-contained areas with the nastiest bosses.

1. How the Overworld works

Sites of Lost Grace are where you heal and replenish your healing charges, while they also make enemies respawn. When in the Overworld, you can warp to any you've previously rested at.

2. Bonfires are 'Sites of Lost Grace' now

Special moves won't be tied to a specific weapon. You're free to swap skills between a variety of weapons when you sit down at a Site of Lost Grace. 

3. Skills are not tied to weapons

A first for a Soulsborne game, Elden Ring has a map, but not an icon-covered Ubisoft-style one. This is a simpler affair with terrain and drawings of landmarks.

4. There's a viewable world map

The story will be more akin to Sekiro than Dark Souls, which famously doesn't tell the player much directly. From's trakemark environmental storytelling won't be going anywhere, though. 

5. The story will be less opaque than Dark Souls'

Thanks, Sekiro. We knew Elden Ring has jumping, but The Washington Post points out that the dungeons are clearly designed with jumping in mind for basic navigation as well as shortcuts. 

6. The world is built for jumping

The latest demo showcased a fight against a huge dragon, where the player switched between fighting on-foot and on horseback. At one point our warrior stuns the creature, allowing for a critical attack right in the eyeball. 

7. You can fight dragons on-foot or on horseback

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