Breaking down the key features from the epic reveal.

6 takeways from the Elden Ring gameplay trailer

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While the scale is beyond anything we've seen in FromSoftware games before, nods to the studio's past work is clear. The twisted environments immediately recall Dark Souls. 

1. It looks more like Dark Souls than we expected

While mounted combat looks promising, just how robust is it? We're curious to see how the horse plays into combat and what advantages it gives you.

2. Mounted combat leaves questions

It looks like Elden Ring is leaning into Dark Souls' PvP Phantoms element. While welcome, it will be interesting to see how it fits into the open world format. 

3. Blue Phantoms return. Praise the Sun!

Boss design has always been one of FromSoftware's greatest strengths, and Elden Ring looks like it has some amazing foes. We already love the rock turtle bell... thing. 

4. Bosses look as cool as we thought they would

While the tone of the Dark Souls games can be easily felt in Elden Ring's gameplay trailer, the contributions of the Game of Thrones creator are far more difficult to spot. 

5. Where is George R.R. Martin's influence?

Elden Ring looks like it combines elements of Shadow of the Colossus and Breath of the Wild to create an environment that feels lonely, a little empty, yet thoroughly intriguing. 

6. The open world sections feel natural

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