The most exiting features from the huge new gameplay video.

5 things we already love about Elden Ring

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1. The vase creatures have names

We already adore these weird pot monsters. Not only is their design brilliantly odd in classic FromSoftware style, but the one in the demo is called "Alex the Iron Fist". 

2. The open world looks truly alive

The Lands Between seems to be constantly active. Dragons fly over you, animals pass by, and everything looks like it moves without your hero. 

3. It looks like From has nailed hit boxes

We've always loved how ridiculous the hitboxes are on Souls enemies, but there seems to be added precision to the ones in Elden Ring. Just look at the deft near-miss above. 

4. The fasion is impeccable

There's a clifftop shot in the demo with a wonderfully detailed blue robe outfit that we love. Oh, and we're all about that sorcerer with the huge hat. 

5. The summons look scarily powerful

The summons scare us. They look like a lot of fun, but they also imply the power level of players is high... which probably means Elden Ring is going to pummel us with even more devastating enemies.

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