Prepare to die a little less

6 Elden Ring tips for surviving the Lands Between

1. Pick up everything

As you travel through the world pick up items as you pass over bushes and flowers. These can be used to craft useful tools like firebombs, multiplayer summoning items, and arrows. 

2. Use stealth

The Sekiro-like stealth system is great for letting you sneak away from tough enemies that you may not be ready to fight yet. It's also an easy way to backstab unsuspecting foes. 

3. Don't head for the big castles first

Those castles are going to kick your ass at first, thanks to their high level enemies and demanding bosses. Instead, explore the open world to do side quests, collect gear, and level up.

4. Prioritize the map fragment icons

When you get to a new section of the Lands Between, open the map and look for a stone tablet icon. These mark the location of map fragments that reveal more of the world when collected. 

5. Call in Spirit Ashes and NPC summons

Test out different Ashes of War—lethal spirits thay can be unlocked and used against boss. To fight alongside human allies during battles, use the Furcalling Finger Remedy to reveal their glowing yellow summon signs. 

6. Test out different Ashes of War

These special attacks span holy projectiles and power moves useful for finishing off foes. Once you assign one to a weapon, use it on enemies by pressing LT/L2 on your controller.  

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