Giancarlo Esposito plays the heavy as Far Cry moves to the fictional Caribbean country of Yara.

6 things you need to know about Far Cry 6 

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Ubisoft's latest open world FPS features FC's biggest sandbox to date. Yara is inspired by Cuba, and spans both jungles and wartorn towns. Hidden routes called Guerilla Paths allow you to move past enemies without triggering a fight. 

Far Cry 6's setting is the tropical nation of Yara

Like Far Cry 5, you can choose the gender of this former military recruit turned rebel. Unlike Far Cry 5's mute Rookie, Dani is fully voiced. 

You play as a revolutionary named Dani Rojas

Sidekicks return in Far Cry 6, though this time they don't include human NPCs. So far, we've been introduced to a dog called Chorizo and Guapo the croc. 

Guns for Hire are now called Amigos

The shooter has 49 fully customizable guns. Said arsenal boasts a brilliantly silly new 'Resolver' class that includes a weapon that fires CDs.

Far Cry 6's arsenal is both huge and ludicrous

Supremo backpacks give our freedom fighter snazzy powers—like a pack that lets Dani fire rockets.

Special backpacks grant Dani amazing abilities

Fans are speculating Diego, the son of lead bad guy Antón Castillo, could be a younger version of Far Cry 3 villian Vaas. Though Montenegro's voice actor has teased a return to the role, consider this one wishful thinking. 

The main villian's son could be Vaas Montenegro

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