Where to find Yara's biggest and baddest animal adversaries.

Far Cry 6 legendary animal locations

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How to unlock the Hunting Lodge

To trade in your animal materials, you need to unlock the Hunting Lodge by constructing it at one of the three regional guerilla camps in Madrugada, El Este, or Valle De Oro. It'll cost you 40 medicine and 40 metal pieces. 


This big old boar can be found in a wooded crater in the north of the Cayo Seguro Peninsula. He shouldn't give you too much trouble, but if he does, take the high ground. 

Perros Demoniacos

A pair of wild dogs that can be found in northern Madrugada, to the south-west of Ida's Refuge in a valley. As with other mutts in Far Cry 6, the best option is to pick their pack off one by one so they don't swarm you. 


This troublesome croc lives in a swamp in Valle De Oro, in the western half of the Cienaga Nublada National Park. Make sure you wear the Hazmat Mask, because the area is full of poison. 


You can find this nocturnal feline in south El Este, in a fishing village south east of Robustas Hills. One stumbling block? This big cat only comes out at night, so don't try to skin his spotty hide when it's light. 

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